(Sung with heartfelt gusto!)

We're awfully glad you're here today,
Our noonday meal to share,
You can hear us all declare,
You can feel it in the air!

Oh we're mighty glad you came this way,
We hope you'll come some other day,
We're awfully glad you're dining at Kiwanis!

Kiwanis Service Club of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Kiwanis is a worldwide service organization for individuals desiring personal involvement in the improvement of their communities. As a group, we achieve what individuals cannot do alone. Kiwanians voluntarily assume personal responsibility for projects that public authorities are not able to perform. These projects are predominantly local in nature. They include assistance to youth and the aging, conservation of natural resources, development of community facilities and creation of international understanding and good will. Read more...


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Kiwanis Among Those Honored with Canadian Flag

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of our national flag, the Government of Canada is giving this proud Canadian symbol to 50 individual Canadians and organizations who have contributed significantly to the well-being of our citizens.  Kiwanis in Canada are amongst those recognized.
The Kiwanis Clubs of Canada, in recognition of the 215 Canadian clubs and their dedication to strengthening communities and serving the children of the world, under the leadership of Canadian Dr. John Button, President of Kiwanis International.
How fitting with this being the 99th year of Kiwanis is Canada!
Click here for the Prime Minister's remarks about the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian flag. For the full list of recipients, Click here.