(Sung with heartfelt gusto!)

We're awfully glad you're here today,
Our noonday meal to share,
You can hear us all declare,
You can feel it in the air!

Oh we're mighty glad you came this way,
We hope you'll come some other day,
We're awfully glad you're dining at Kiwanis!

Kiwanis International Foundation

The Kiwanis International Foundation was formed in 1939, in part to recognize the 25th anniversary of Kiwanis. It currently has total assets of $7.3 million and used its income to fund projects for children all over the world, through grants, scholarships and disaster relief. Your International Kiwanis Foundation has contributed more than $68 million US to date. All clubs have been requested to budget for an annual gift of at least $5/member, and this will earn the club a banner patch in recognition.


Visit Kiwanis International Foundation at