One Child &
One Community
at a Time ... for 91 Years

With over 14 active projects, hundreds of
hours of service donated per year, and
dozens of members, the Kiwanis Club of
Regina is proof that as a group, we can
achieve what individuals cannot do alone.

Kiwanis Builders Club

For Children Aged 12 to 14

The Kiwanis Club of Regina sponsors two Builders Clubs - one at Lakeview School, which was Chartered in March 2000, and one at Davin Elementary School, which was Chartered in 2006. Both clubs invest time and raise funds to support projects that they undertake in the school, in the community, and internationally. Lakeview School Builders Club raises funds through Christmas Candy Sale, Bake Sale, an Annual Penny Drive and assisting the Regina Kiwanis Club with the Annual Daffodil Sale. They invest those funds in the community through serving the Humane Society and Sponsoring a Child in Africa. Both clubs work together in planting flowers at Kiwanis Park and each club works with the Humane Society and the Early Learning Centre. The membership of both of these clubs is approximately 25 each, every year.